On The Issues

Invest in Education

Our kids are our future, not a burden. And education is an investment, not an expense. Teachers should be allowed to teach our children math, science, reading, writing, history, and the arts. But excessive federal mandates have defeated its own purpose. Testing is not the only way to measure a child’s abilities.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers are stewards of the land. For generations, families have worked to feed and clothe the nation.  A representative should work with our farmers and ranchers to help them better sustain such an important way of life while also protecting the Earth and preserving water. Tariffs and poorly crafted regulations are choking our farmers and ranchers.

Jobs and Innovation

Investing in education leads to jobs and innovation.  Innovation in farming, ranching, technology, and energy leads to growth for our district.  I will promote programs to further innovation. With the right leadership, working together will improve our way of life.


Texas is one of the largest producers of energy in the nation. With our wide-open spaces in District 13, we have the land, the sunlight, the wind, and workers to produce and distribute clean energy to the entire world. By promoting this district as a producer of clean energy, I can position us to become the premier power provider to the nation and the world.

Mental Health

The health of our neighbors is critical to the health of our community.  One of the biggest problems in society is the lack of mental health care.  With a small investment from our government, we can assure every man, woman and child have access to affordable mental health care.