Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Brown moved to Wichita Falls in August of 2002, the day after finishing the bar exam. She immediately joined the prestigious law firm of Banner, Briley, and White, working in many areas of law, including civil litigation, personal injury, malpractice, consumer law, deceptive trade practices, divorce, and wrongful death litigation. Ms. Brown now practices as a solo practitioner in her firm, focusing on civil litigation, business litigation, family law, and probate litigation.

Born in Pasadena, Texas, Kathleen Brown spent her childhood in various cities in Harris County, Texas. Raised by a single mother of five children, Kathleen knows firsthand the struggles many women have faced for years. Kathleen’s mother grew up in a generation where women were not encouraged to work outside the home or pursue an education. Sadly, when their father walked out in 1982, the family turned to state benefits and odd jobs to pay the bills.

At age 13, Kathleen and her siblings were separated due to the need to live with relatives. She began working at 14, selling subscriptions to the Houston Post ®. At 15, Kathleen dropped out of high school to work full time. Luckily, she was encouraged to return, and ultimately, graduated a semester early from South Houston High School. Two months after graduating high school, Ms. Brown became the young mother of her eldest daughter, Meika.

Encouraged by an L.V.N. to go to junior college, Ms. Brown enrolled in a Respiratory Technician Program, which she completed before her 19th birthday. That same year Kathleen was hired as a respiratory technician where she would go on to work in the emergency room, ICU’s, and cardiovascular surgery recovery rooms. Working 12 hour shifts, Ms. Brown slowly worked on her Bachelor’s Degree by taking as many remote classes as were permissible. Ms. Brown was a single mother, working full-time, and caring for her two-year-old little girl before her 20th birthday.

In 1999, after 8 years as a respiratory therapist, Kathleen put away her stethoscope and picked up her lawbooks and clerked for two law firms to prepare her for the work ahead. Upon graduating from the University of Houston Law Center in 2002, Ms. Brown secured a position with Banner, Briley and White, L.L.P. in Wichita Falls.

Ms. Brown has been operating her own practice for over 8 years. After the 2020 election and the last 4 years of the most toxic political environment this nation has witnessed in a generation, Ms. Brown believes that her positive outlook, hard work, perseverance, and hope despite challenging obstacles is exactly what this district—and this country—needs.

Ms. Brown has experienced many of the challenges the people of this district face today, including home and food insecurity, lack of health insurance, broken homes, child displacement, difficulty accessing and paying for an education, and hardship in obtaining affordable childcare. Her experience in life makes her uniquely qualified to represent the constituents of District 13.

For the last 30 years, Kathleen Brown has devoted her life’s work to helping others, be it the sick and injured in hospitals, or those seeking justice and a fair resolution in our court system. While Kathleen is a firm believer of the value of hard work, and the need to instill that value in our children, she is also painfully familiar with the gaping holes in the current societal safety net.

If elected, Kathleen Brown will continue to do what she has done throughout her career—care for and represent those who have entrusted their health, their lives, their future, and their wellbeing into her hands. As the U.S. Congresswoman of this district, Kathleen will fiercely advocate for the best interests of the people of her district, without regard to political leanings, wealth, or perceived power of any one person.